Day 3/90:


I’m really struggling on the food. Under the Paul McKenna plan, you’re supposed to eat when you’re hungry and not let yourself get ravenously hungry.  But when I decided to take a later yoga class than I’d planned it meant that I went into yoga class not just a little hungry (good – really works for me) but quite hungry  (bad, feel a bit faint). The point at which I should be eating.  But eating before yoga is – well, it makes me sick.  I guess I need to find an easily digestible food I can really enjoy.

Water: I did ok. Could probably drink more.

Excercise:  Ninety minutes of Bikram yoga! Fourth day in a row. Meant to get out for a walk, but didn’t.

Motivation and affirmation:  I had a bad day self-affirmation wise.  But I am able to meet my gaze more easily in the mirrors now. One really great thing that happened today was I noticed that someone I had encouraged to come back to yoga was still coming and doing really well! I felt really good that the support I’d given her after that first tough class really worked…even though I was having a tough class.    I’m looking forward to starting Week 3 of the Couch 2 5 K tomorrow and maybe going into town and visiting a gallery.  But I’m feeling a bit coldy. I’m not gonna push myself too hard if I don’t feel great tomorrow.

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