Daily check-in: catch up

Oh dear. I’ve missed a few days. I went off and had a great time in Central London with a visiting friend.  We walked around a lot. We did yoga.  I had a marvellous time and bought a dress I look amazing in.  I ate too much.  But not way too much.

Yesterday I resumed by Couch to 5 K programme with the first day of week 3. Each new ‘week’ I dread the workout, but so far it’s always turned out to be fine.

I had a brilliant yoga session yesterday with a teacher I’ve been wanting to try. It was fantastic. It was probably the best session I’ve ever had where I pushed myself the farthest.  I really wanted to take a class with her because I believed she could help me find the best modifications to postures that I can’t quite do yet and I was right!

Interestingly she didn’t hesitate to touch me in the class. In the cobra position she actually squeezed my legs together with her legs. This was kinda funny because I’d just had a long conversation with my friend I spent the weekend with about whether it’s appropriate for yoga instructors to touch you in class.  I think it can be very helpful.  She’s an instructor and she doesn’t think it’s right.  But she also used words like ‘liability’ – I guess that’s the difference in teaching in America.  To me I’ve found it very helpful every time I’ve been touched in class, BUT…it could easily mess you up, too.

Yesterday I also went for a run. But today…nothing. I did go to Chessington though… which is a fair bit of walking around!

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