Daily check in: what day is this anyway?

Food: Hmmm…had a bit of a slip up when I had M&Ms for dinner, but I did eat them slowly. Otherwise I did ok.

Water: I did pretty good today. Drank quite a bit.

Exercise: I did the second day of week 3 in the Couch 2 5 K and did some resistance training. I TRIED to use a new weightlifting app which helps you keep track of completed sets, but I find it really difficult to use. And I think I’m pretty tech savvy. Disappointing.  I also did Bikram yoga today and had a great class.  I’ve been pushing myself a little harder in class and although it’s really hard I’m feeling really great about it.

I am a bit concerned that I’ve been doing the C25K on the treadmill. I think I’ll try to do it outside next time (i.e. Friday). Since the whole point of running is to be running on the rugby pitch…need to do it outside.

Motivation and affirmation: I haven’t been working the Paul McKenna programme like I should – reading the daily exercises and doing the self-affirmation programme like I should. But I am looking at my body in a more accepting way in the mirror in yoga. I will catch up tomorrow.  I also missed out on listening to the trance over the weekend…and then weirdly didn’t listen to it when I was back on my own.  But I listened last night and will again tonight.

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