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Day 2: Sweat

Food: Today I did pretty well with the food. Enjoyed and savoured everything I ate. I had to modify the Paul McKenna approach a little as I made myself a smoothie for lunch and drank all of it. It’s hard to really eat a smoothie slowly, but I sure as heck savoured it. I was hungry after my morning in the gym, but knew I couldn’t eat much if I was doing Bikram yoga at 4.  Nothing as yucky as Bikram on a full-ish tummy!  And even though I ate late, I made the right choice as just before I hit yoga I was a ‘leetle’ bit hungry. Perfect.

I didn’t manage to quite stop when I was full at dinner. I had a few extra bites. But it was so scrummy. Asparagus, shrimp, peppers and a bit of rice.  Couldn’t have eaten way too much as I think I’m hungry even now.

Water:  I drank tons of water today and electrolyte supplements. But I need to drink more. I sweated TONS today. I’m thirsty now!

Exercise: I finished the Couch to 5K Week 2 today!!! Yee-haw! And I did a good set of resistance afterwards. As a big girl but not a tall girl, I know if I’m gonna play rugby, it’s probably gonna be in the front row. I need to have that strength and power. So time to start working on that strength.  I know I need to start working on biceps and triceps but vanity and the need to put my arms through sleeves have held me back – as my arms are ridiculously fat.

Then I took a Bikram yoga class with my favourite teacher today. She’s always so laid back, telling us not to push ourselves – yet I always end up making some kind of really (small, but) amazing progress in her class.  I started off class quite rocky today, muscles feeling shaky after the running and weight-lifting, but finished strongly.

Motivation and self-affirmation: I tried to look at myself with acceptance and I tried to (with the guidance of the instructor) use a series of mantras to keep my mind focused during the class. I used visualisation techniques to see myself as slimmer, healthier and muscular.

One really awesome thing that happened today was I got praised in yoga for my improvement and for how much weight I’d lost. She said it was an incredible amount.  I got to hide my smile as we went into a deep bend.  I’ve gained 2 pounds since starting yoga six weeks ago! Tomorrow I’m looking forward to some more exercise and maybe a little dress shopping. Who knows?