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Daily check-in: catch up

Oh dear. I’ve missed a few days. I went off and had a great time in Central London with a visiting friend.  We walked around a lot. We did yoga.  I had a marvellous time and bought a dress I look amazing in.  I ate too much.  But not way too much.

Yesterday I resumed by Couch to 5 K programme with the first day of week 3. Each new ‘week’ I dread the workout, but so far it’s always turned out to be fine.

I had a brilliant yoga session yesterday with a teacher I’ve been wanting to try. It was fantastic. It was probably the best session I’ve ever had where I pushed myself the farthest.  I really wanted to take a class with her because I believed she could help me find the best modifications to postures that I can’t quite do yet and I was right!

Interestingly she didn’t hesitate to touch me in the class. In the cobra position she actually squeezed my legs together with her legs. This was kinda funny because I’d just had a long conversation with my friend I spent the weekend with about whether it’s appropriate for yoga instructors to touch you in class.  I think it can be very helpful.  She’s an instructor and she doesn’t think it’s right.  But she also used words like ‘liability’ – I guess that’s the difference in teaching in America.  To me I’ve found it very helpful every time I’ve been touched in class, BUT…it could easily mess you up, too.

Yesterday I also went for a run. But today…nothing. I did go to Chessington though… which is a fair bit of walking around!

Day 5: stopped up

I’m still sick,  but slept a lot and a feel a little better. Exercise But it means I haven’t been doing much moving around. Which feels really weird right now. However, I did get out the wii-fit board today for the first time. It’s actually not too bad. I did 30 minutes trying out the yoga and aerobic exercizes. But I got that weird clammy sweat you get when you have a cold and not that “Hey, I’m working out” sweat.

I was a bit worried it would tell me my weight and I have 10 more days to go before I’m supposed to weigh myself again. But it tells you your BMI. No less distressing in one way, but still!

Food: It’s also difficult to enjoy your food when you have a cold. But I think I did ok…probably ate a bit past fullness.

 Water: no and no and no…needed to drink more. You know wrap up, plenty of fluids… well I didn’t.

Motivation and affirmation: well, I took some pics of myself today in tight clothes. Hopefully that will keep me motivated at some point in the future.

Day 4/90: cold

Food: Ughhh I have a cold. I did pretty well with food considering. Enjoyed what I ate, stopped when I was full or close to it.

Water: Definitely need to take in more fluids. Feel thirsty.

Exercise: Nope. But I did a lot of cleaning today.  I really wanted to start my week three of the running programme. But I’m clearly not in shape for that.

Motivation and affirmation: well, I stayed positive even though I was trying on dresses that were a bit too small today. Finally found one that looked amazing! A classic little black number. I didn’t buy the one that was a little too small. I bought the one that looks good now. Because I deserve to look great now!

Day 3/90:


I’m really struggling on the food. Under the Paul McKenna plan, you’re supposed to eat when you’re hungry and not let yourself get ravenously hungry.  But when I decided to take a later yoga class than I’d planned it meant that I went into yoga class not just a little hungry (good – really works for me) but quite hungry  (bad, feel a bit faint). The point at which I should be eating.  But eating before yoga is – well, it makes me sick.  I guess I need to find an easily digestible food I can really enjoy.

Water: I did ok. Could probably drink more.

Excercise:  Ninety minutes of Bikram yoga! Fourth day in a row. Meant to get out for a walk, but didn’t.

Motivation and affirmation:  I had a bad day self-affirmation wise.  But I am able to meet my gaze more easily in the mirrors now. One really great thing that happened today was I noticed that someone I had encouraged to come back to yoga was still coming and doing really well! I felt really good that the support I’d given her after that first tough class really worked…even though I was having a tough class.    I’m looking forward to starting Week 3 of the Couch 2 5 K tomorrow and maybe going into town and visiting a gallery.  But I’m feeling a bit coldy. I’m not gonna push myself too hard if I don’t feel great tomorrow.

Day 2: Sweat

Food: Today I did pretty well with the food. Enjoyed and savoured everything I ate. I had to modify the Paul McKenna approach a little as I made myself a smoothie for lunch and drank all of it. It’s hard to really eat a smoothie slowly, but I sure as heck savoured it. I was hungry after my morning in the gym, but knew I couldn’t eat much if I was doing Bikram yoga at 4.  Nothing as yucky as Bikram on a full-ish tummy!  And even though I ate late, I made the right choice as just before I hit yoga I was a ‘leetle’ bit hungry. Perfect.

I didn’t manage to quite stop when I was full at dinner. I had a few extra bites. But it was so scrummy. Asparagus, shrimp, peppers and a bit of rice.  Couldn’t have eaten way too much as I think I’m hungry even now.

Water:  I drank tons of water today and electrolyte supplements. But I need to drink more. I sweated TONS today. I’m thirsty now!

Exercise: I finished the Couch to 5K Week 2 today!!! Yee-haw! And I did a good set of resistance afterwards. As a big girl but not a tall girl, I know if I’m gonna play rugby, it’s probably gonna be in the front row. I need to have that strength and power. So time to start working on that strength.  I know I need to start working on biceps and triceps but vanity and the need to put my arms through sleeves have held me back – as my arms are ridiculously fat.

Then I took a Bikram yoga class with my favourite teacher today. She’s always so laid back, telling us not to push ourselves – yet I always end up making some kind of really (small, but) amazing progress in her class.  I started off class quite rocky today, muscles feeling shaky after the running and weight-lifting, but finished strongly.

Motivation and self-affirmation: I tried to look at myself with acceptance and I tried to (with the guidance of the instructor) use a series of mantras to keep my mind focused during the class. I used visualisation techniques to see myself as slimmer, healthier and muscular.

One really awesome thing that happened today was I got praised in yoga for my improvement and for how much weight I’d lost. She said it was an incredible amount.  I got to hide my smile as we went into a deep bend.  I’ve gained 2 pounds since starting yoga six weeks ago! Tomorrow I’m looking forward to some more exercise and maybe a little dress shopping. Who knows?

Day One check in

Starting the blog today and thus a weigh in.


I’ll weigh myself again in two weeks. In the Paul McKenna system and also with the Bikram yoga approach, the scales are not something one should be checking all the time.  But I’m recording my behaviour, thoughts and activities every day.


Today was my first day back using Paul McKenna’s golden rules. It’s basically mindfulness about food consumption. Eating when you’re actually physically hungry, eating slowly and really enjoying your food. Being aware of what you eat.

As it’s Day One…it’s really a struggle. My set points for fullness and hunger are all over the place. And my head is so busy it’s hard to concentrate on just eating, the texture, the taste and smell.  But I think I gave it a really good try. I used the techniques to slow down eating, but found myself reading a magazine at supper. A no-no. And I also found myself eating one bite beyond fullness. As if I can’t quite trust myself to gauge fullness…which I suppose is exactly what’s going on.

One cool thing I did today was cooked some potato dumplings that I really wanted at lunch time, but when I tried them I didn’t like them a lot. They were ok, but I didn’t get a lot of pleasure from eating them, so I didn’t. I just scraped them off the plate at the end of the meal.


I did pretty well with water today. I drank when I thought I might be hungry. But I could do better. I started off the day with a slight dehydration headache….and found it difficult to drink water first thing in the morning.


I did Bikram yoga and aqua aerobics. So 135 minutes of exercise. But that’s pretty much it. I spent much of the day just reading and hanging out.

Motivation and self-affirmation:

A big part of the Bikram yoga is meeting your gaze in the mirror. I find that really, really hard. I don’t like looking at myself.  But of course, in Bikram you can’t really avoid it, as there are mirrors EVERYWHERE. Some days I look in the mirror and think ‘powerful warrior’ and some days I see myself and think ‘fat cow’ .  Today I started off with ‘powerful’ during the first breathing exercise. I can start to see the hint of ribs in the mirror and I can see my tightening abdominal muscles. But by the time I  got to the final spinal twist, where my flab is really on display I was back to fat cow again.  By that time I should be proud of myself for what I’ve done, but I was berating myself for what I hadn’t done.

I did try the Paul McKenna mirror exercises this evening. I looked at myself in my underwear and tried to accept my body for where it’s at and where it’s going to take me.

A good thing I noticed today was that I have a pretty intense and sparkling look to my eyes and I like it. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to completing Week 2 of the Couch 2 5 K programme and trying out a yoga class with a teacher who sounds pretty cool.